Till minne av William Kavanagh

Insamlat totalt hitills: 4 200 kr
Mål: 20 000 kr
Minnesfondens inriktning: Hjärt-lungforskningMål: 20 000 kr

William Kavanagh (1944-08-10 - 2009-07-31)

I am starting this fund in memory of my father Billy Kavanagh, who died last year 31st July 2009. I am hoping to raise funds to help other people who suffer with KOL.

My dad was sick for many years. In spite of his sickness, he kept his sense of humour and never complained. I am very proud of him, of his way of dealing with his sickness. We all in the family miss him terribly. But we have alot of happy memories and these help us in our daily life.

Kind regards

Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson

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