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About the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation is a charitable fundraising organisation. The fund was established in 1904 during the fight against tuberculosis (TB), and was then called Svenska Nationalföreningen mot Tuberkulos (the Swedish National Anti-tuberculosis Association).

The fight against TB in Sweden was successful then and, now, the Heart-Lung Foundation is aiming to conquer the major national diseases of today: heart, lung and vascular diseases.

More research - a necessity

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes are affected by diseases of the heart, blood vessels and lungs. The fact is that almost half of all deaths in Sweden are due to cardio-vascular disease. Unfortunately, many people die unnecessarily, since enigmas still remain for the research scientists to solve. More research and increased knowledge would allow more lives to be saved.

The problem is that both heart and lung research lack money. The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, which pays for the majority of independent heart-lung research in Sweden, annually grants around SEK 180 million to research. That is just about 15 per cent of the funds applied for. In other words, there is a very great need for more money and every donation we receive is of real importance.

This is what we do

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation raises funds and distributes money to heart, lung and vascular research, and provides information about heart-lung disease. The fund supports research into fields such as heart attack, heart failure, vascular spasm, genetic heart defects, stroke, asthma, COPD and emphysema.

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation obtains no State subsidies and its activities are completely dependent on donations from private individuals and companies. The Plusgiro number for donations to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation is: 90 91 92-7.


Please contact us for further information:
+46 (0)8-566 24 200 

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